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  Lab test information
Laboratory Test Description and Information

En español

How to take your test and how the test works...

Sterile, disposable supplies are used and all of the preparation and shipping of your sample to our parent company, Immuno Laboratories is handled for you - you don't have to do a thing.

At the lab, the technicians inject a small sampling of your serum into tiny little micro titer plate wells (they look like little glass contact lenses). These wells contain 115 different food antigens.

Laser-like beams of light scan for toxic reactions...

Over a few hours, a fascinating series of steps take place: the antibodies in your serum interact with the food antigens which have been optimized by the Rebello proprietary method; special enzyme markers attach to the type 2 toxic food reactive wells; then other special enzyme substrates are added and within minutes there's a visible color change in each well where toxic reactions occur; laser-like beams of light rapidly scan each of the wells evaluating and re-evaluating in micro seconds the reactions that have taken place.

Toxic reactions range from plus 1 to plus 4...

The highly sophisticated micro plate scanner reads the explosive reactions the blood has as it interfaces with the different food groups, recording precisely which food types are poison or toxic. State of the art laboratory computers quantify these reactions and report them within 4 categories of reactivity.

User-friendly test report...

Your test report is clear, concise and easy to read and understand. At your very first glance of your report, you'll see the list of which foods are toxic for your particular system and another much longer list of foods not showing toxic reactivity - providing a wide list of foods for you to enjoy.

Ongoing support...

In addition to your testing, you and your physician will have ongoing support from our nutritionists and staff physician.

Your test report includes...

  • A list of toxic foods to avoid
  • A list of lots of foods to enjoy
  • A wallet sized laminated toxic food reminder card to carry with you
  • Your personalized food and meal plan
  • Helpful hints for food shopping
  • Toll-free number for additional support as needed from our trained team.

    Find out now if your symptoms indicate you may need to take the test.

    Our Guarantee with our Nutritional Program and Bloodprint™ Test...

    1. Before beginning your 90-day program, complete the Initial Symptom Checklist found in your Immuno Health Guide.
    2. You maintain your Daily Food Journal found in the Immuno Health Guide for 7 days.
    3. If after 90 days you have not experienced measurable improvement, please return your completed Daily Food Journal and Initial Symptom Checklist to your physician.
    4. We require a letter from your physician stating no clinical change has taken place. Upon receipt of the letter from your physician, we will refund your entire Immuno Bloodprint testing fee. Your claim must be made within the first 120 days of testing. This offer is subject to change without notice.
    5. This offer is not available when your testing is provided via insurance assignment.

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